A Plan, X Plan & Z Plan FAQ

Ford A, X, & Z Plan Pricing at Pauli Ford Near Lansing and East Lansing, Michigan

At Pauli Ford, located in Saint Johns, we are proud to be a Ford dealership. That's why we honor Ford's A, X and Z plan pricing. It's Ford employees across the county who give way for our own career ventures, so we believe that the least we can do is offer special pricing for family members of Ford employees who visit us from their DeWitt, Bath or Ovid homes. 

Pauli Ford is located close to Ford plants throughout the state of Michigan, meaning we are a convenient stop for many Ford employees' family and friends. This includes the Michigan Assembly Plant, which is just over an hour from East Lansing, as well as the Flat Rock Assembly Plant, Dearborn Engine and more. Whether you're a spouse, son, niece or other relation, we welcome you with open arms to the Pauli Ford showroom, where you'll find Ford's latest innovations embodied.

Ford A & Z Plan Pricing Extends to Aunts, Uncles Nieces and Nephews for a Limited Time!

For a period of time, current and retired Ford employees may obtain Ford A and Z plan PIN (personal identification number) for aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews. These family members will accompany the immediate family members who are already a part of the plan. This includes in-laws, half-relatives and step-relatives. We encourage all members of the Ford brand to share their PINs to family members in the effort of getting them in a brand-new Ford model.

Ford A, X, & Z Plan Pricing FAQ

There's a lot of questions surrounding the available pricing plans for the family, friends and associations of Ford employees, but it's not complicated. The team here at Pauli Ford wants to help resolve any of your inquiries, and we've started by clarifying a few common questions.

>> What Are These Plans?

The Ford A, X and Z plans are pricing schedules for approved affiliates of Ford employees. Ford employees work so hard every day to bring the brand's vision to fruition; without them, there would be no legendary F-150, versatile Escape or efficient Fusion Hybrid. Thus, Ford uses these pricing schedules as a way to celebrate and reward employees as well as those throughout their life.

>> Who is Eligible for Ford A and Z Plan Pricing?

The Ford A Plan provides benefits specifically for Ford employees and their immediate families. Similarly, the Ford Z Plan provides the same benefits to retired Ford employees along with their surviving spouses and families. The pricing for both of these plans is the same, meaning that both current and past Ford employees gain benefits for them and their loved ones.

>> Who is Eligible for Ford X Plan Pricing?

Those eligible for the Ford X Plan include friends, extended family, neighbors and affiliates of current and retired Ford employees. This plan also encompasses employees of companies that do business with Ford directly, as well as employees of companies that are affiliated with Ford in other ways.

>> So, How Do I Utilize My Plan Pricing?

Using your plan pricing is simple. First, you must create a username and password, as well as provide information about yourself (including your relationship to the Ford employee or retiree). From here, you'll register to obtain a unique PIN, which will allow you to make any Ford purchase using your benefits. You will activate your PIN based on instructions that will be sent to your email, and will then be able to utilize your PIN to purchase your brand-new Ford car, truck or SUV.

It's important to note that your PIN is only valid for one year. Only activate your PIN when you're ready to make a purchase or have decided on a model. Once you have chosen which Ford vehicle you want to make your own, reach out to the sales team at Pauli Ford, and we'll make sure it's available and ready for you to purchase with your special PIN.

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