Got An Apron? Ford Scuff-Proofs Your Seats In Less Than A Minute

You are one proud parent. Ford salutes that. You also baby your F-150 or Focus RS the way you baby your actual baby. We certainly raises our glasses to that, too.

You would really rather your seats not look like you loan your vehicle to your local Animal Control Department on weekends to wrangle stray violent animals. Again, that's an easy sentiment to appreciate. Unfortunately, that's also an inevitable reality of raising a toddler. When they get bored, fussy, or too loaded down with sugar, they like to kick anything and everything in sight. It's like raising a future NFL placekicker.

Fortunately, if you have a spare apron laying around getting precious little use, subjecting your Ford to that kind of abuse becomes entirely optional. Simply drape an apron each over the backs of your front driver and passenger seats. You'll still feel those rapid-fire boots, but your seats themselves won't have a scratch.
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