Lease or Purchase? Financing Your New Ford

Should You Lease or Purchase Your New Ford? Find Out at Pauli Ford near Greater Lansing

If you are currently in the market for a new Ford car, SUV or pickup truck in the greater Lansing or East Lansing area, you've surely wondered if leasing or purchasing is the right option for you, and you're not alone. If you're not quite sure of the answer to this important question, know that many of our customers here at Pauli Ford have turned to us for assistance at this stage of their vehicle-purchasing process, and we're more than capable of helping you make an informed decision

Below, we have clearly listed some benefits of both leasing and purchasing a new Ford, and we hope it proves to be helpful to drivers in DeWitt and beyond. Depending on what you're looking to get out of your new Ford, you might find that one of the two options is better suited to your needs. Once you have an idea of whether leasing or purchasing will be best for you, you are one major step closer to driving home in the new Ford of your dreams!

Benefits of Leasing a New Ford

  • Leasing allows you to pay the tax on your vehicle within each monthly payment, rather than paying one lump sum upfront upon purchase.
  • Monthly payments are typically lesser for a lease, because you're only paying for the amount that the vehicle depreciates during the term of your lease. Payments can be made even more affordable depending on the down payment you make, too.
  • Leases are short-term obligations that typically last around three years or so; then you have the option to lease another Ford and revel in that new car smell again!
  • At the end of the lease, if you've really fallen in love with your Ford, don't despair! You can always decide to purchase the vehicle at the end of your lease.

At the end of the day, leasing might be a great option for you if you're looking for a lower monthly payment, like to get into a brand new car every few years, and don't tend to drive too many miles annually.

Benefits of Purchasing a New Ford

  • Purchasing can be a smart financial decision! If you take out a loan in order to purchase your new Ford, making timely payments is a great way to build your credit and equity.
  • You will avoid the mileage restrictions and other lease contract obligations that come with a lease, so you'll feel free to take as many drives out to Lansing - and beyond - as you'd like!
  • After the loan is paid off (or if you purchased outright), the Ford in question is entirely yours and you are free to modify and accessorize it as you please!
  • You can also sell your vehicle whenever you'd like, with no contract term-length to worry about. That means if your transportation needs change unexpectedly, you may have more flexibility to make a change.

If you see yourself owning your new Ford for many years to come and logging a larger number of miles per year, or if you just prefer the idea of outright owning your vehicle, you'll want to look into purchasing your vehicle rather than leasing.


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