Ford Service Center in Saint Johns, MI

Whether you have a brand-new Ford vehicle or one from a few years back, your car will require periodic maintenance and repairs in order to continue operating at full capacity. At Pauli Ford, we employ state-of-the-art equipment, cutting edge diagnostic technologies, and certified Ford technicians to provide your vehicle with the most effective service possible. Appointments and walk-in visits are available five days a week to get your Ford car, truck or SUV serviced right here at our Saint Johns Ford dealership. We are dedicated to keeping your vehicle safe and reliable.

Why Service at Pauli Ford

There are many benefits to bringing your vehicle to our Ford service center for maintenance. First and foremost, we utilize the newest in state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to determine both the functionality of components throughout the car as well as the root cause of any issues causing malfunctions. And of course, we can perform all of the basic car needs such as oil changes and tire rotations. Plus, because our service center uses OEM Ford parts as a part of all maintenance and repairs, so you can guarantee long lasting reliability.

In addition to our tools and technology, each and every one of our service technicians undergo extensive training to become factory certified in the Ford vehicle line in order to provide customers with the highest level of service. And for customers who need to return to work during their appointment, we offer a complimentary shuttle service to help you get to where you need to be. But if you are planning on waiting at the dealership during your appointment, you will be just as happy in our lounge with complimentary refreshments and WiFi access. We will do our best to keep you comfortable while you wait for your service to be complete.

Ford Maintenance near Lansing, MI

Keeping up with routine maintenance on your vehicle is essential to keeping it running safely and reliably. From oil changes to auto brake services, our technicians have you covered. Here is a deeper look at what maintenance services our Ford service center has to offer:

Oil Change Center near Owosso, MI

Keeping up with oil changes in your Ford vehicle is essential to its health. When you get an oil change done at Pauli Ford, we will take it up a notch by using the best products available for your vehicle. Plus, we always make sure to keep the prices affordable and offer our customers the chance to use a FordPass Visa card to pay for their services. And keeping this service affordable is important considering an oil change needs to be done at least every 5,000 miles or every six months, depending on which comes first.

What Are the Fluid Levels in My Car?

Every vehicle has different needs when it comes to the fluids that are required and the correct levels of said fluids. Whether your vehicle needs fluids flushed out or changed, the process can be performed quickly by our certified Ford repair specialists. If your oil, radiator, transmission or other fluids are dangerously low, old or corroded, it can cause damage to your vehicle. So do not wait to get this service - it is essential.

Ford Oil Filter Replacement

We recommend replacing your Ford model's filters every couple of oil changes. And it is important to only use Ford Motorcraft filters. They are designed for your vehicles needs.

Spark Plug Maintenance

At Pauli Ford, we recommend inspecting your spark plugs every so often. But generally speaking, they last about 80,000 miles before needing to be replaced. And of course, we can check on these anytime you ask during your regular appointments.

Car Belt & Hose Replacements

A car has several belts and hoses that are essential to the engine’s performance, and much of their condition is only visible internally. If you are beginning to hear strange noises, it may be time to schedule an inspection or maintenance. Failure to replace belts or hoses can result in the loss of your vehicle’s power steering and electrical systems as well as causing widespread engine damage, all of which can be costly to repair. So if you hear or feel something that is seemingly off, bring your vehicle into Pauli Ford so that we can find the issue and fix it.

Ford Brake Service

Are your brakes making more noise than usual? Especially screeching or groaning? Does it take longer than normal for your car to stop? If you are noticing any issues with your car brakes, we recommend bringing it in for a replacement as soon as possible. Our technicians at Pauli Ford have access to a full inventory of OEM Ford brake pads, rotors, and discs, so when you service with us, you can drive your car with the knowledge that the parts used in your braking system are engineered for your exact make and model.

Car Battery Prices

If you are having trouble starting your Ford vehicle, it may be time to replace your battery. Most newer vehicles give you little warning when the battery is going bad so it is important to have you battery tested regularly to make sure you do not get stuck with a vehicle that won’t start. Pauli Ford uses Motorcraft Tested Tough and Motorcraft Tested Tough Plus batteries which carry the industries battery warranty. Schedule battery service at Pauli Ford and browse our car battery sales. We'll help you find the battery that fits your specific Ford model.

Ford Tire Repair near East Lansing, MI

Tires are the only direct point of contact your car has with the road, so making sure they are properly maintained is critical to your safety while driving. Bald or leaking tires can reduce your control over the vehicle, especially on wet or icy roads. At the Pauli Ford tire center, our technicians will be able to repair and service your current tires as well as determine the best set for replacement. Scheduling a tire rotation to coincide with every other oil change can help even out wear and tear across all four tires and extend the time between replacement. Get in touch with our professionals with any questions you have about tire repair and replacement.

Service at Pauli Ford Today

Whether you need intensive repairs or general Ford maintenance on your vehicle, our service center is here for you. So schedule auto service with us today. Our certified technicians are ready and available to get your vehicle back on the road and keep it reliable. Contact us with any questions you may have before your appointment. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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