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When looking for a truck to buy, everyone wants one that will work well and last them a long time. You’ll want to look for a history of success since that indicates that the truck isn’t just a flash in the pan but tested in the fire of time. The Ford F-150 is such a truck. Ford has been making the F-Series since 1917, with the F-150 we now know being introduced in 1975, and the brand's experience shows. Ford has produced high-quality and popular trucks for over 100 years. How popular is the Ford F-Series, particularly the F-150? It has been the best-selling vehicle of any kind since 1982 in the USA. So if you’re looking for a Ford F-150 for sale at Pauli Ford, you’ll be in good company.

With so many options to choose from, having experienced sales staff at your side can really help you find the best deal for your Ford F-150. We have a great selection of new models and will be happy to help you custom order your perfect. F-150 if you don't see the one you want. If you are shopping with more of a budget, our selection of used trucks won't disappoint. Whatever your Ford truck needs, we have you covered.

A man is shown loading mulch into the bed of a red 2023 Ford F-150.

The Ford F-Series and the F-150

Ford has been building trucks for over a century. Its first F-Series truck was released in 1917, and for all of the 20th century, the Ford F-Series trucks were a popular pick for Americans. They were tough, hard-working, and lasted a long time. Regular maintenance and repairs were simple to perform, and the truck bed allowed for transporting heavy objects easily and efficiently. These sturdy vehicles quickly became the most popular trucks to own. Ford made significant innovations throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century.

Since 1977, the Ford F-Series has been the best-selling pickup truck lineup in America, aided by the popularity of the F-150, which was introduced in 1975. The F-150 was intended to sit in the lineup between the F-100 and F-250 and was created for emissions regulation reasons, but this truck quickly wormed its way into fans' hearts, and the F-100 was quickly discontinued. With all the other high-quality vehicles on the market these days, Ford’s record is very impressive. People just keep buying Ford F-150s year after year.

A lineup of five 2023 Ford F-150s for sale are shown with a mountain view.

We Have an Impressive Selection of New and Used F-150s

Getting a new truck for your business or personal use is a fun process. Few things are more satisfying than the new car smell, decked out in all the latest features Ford has to offer. From the large multimedia display to the massive towing capacity, a new F-150 works hard on the outside but provides a high level of creature comfort on the inside. Luxurious seats and a powerful audio system make the interior please anyone who has the pleasure of riding in an F-150. The rugged exterior provides a robust framework for getting a lot of hard work done, and high levels of towing capability make it easy to bring along boats or trailers. Our experienced sales staff has an in-depth knowledge of all the features and what makes a new Ford F-150 a great pick for so many individuals. If you are on the hunt for a new truck, an F-150 is a great place to start.

Ford has been a quality manufacturer of trucks for over a century, so the company knows how to make its trucks last a long time. The brand utilizes an experienced team of engineers to maximize the long-term durability and functionality of the F-150. What that means for you is that there are some great deals on used Ford trucks. Because they last a long time, it is not uncommon for someone to upgrade to a new F-150 while their old one still has plenty of years and miles of life left in it. We carry a good selection of used Ford F-150s here at Pauli Ford. If you’re looking for a good deal on a used Ford F-150 or other Ford vehicle, come by today, and we can show you our most current selection.

A blue 2023 Ford F-150 STX is shown driving on a steep rocky mountain road.

A Truly Custom Truck

When you have something particular in mind for your new truck, it can be hard to settle for one that doesn’t match your idea. Thankfully, Ford has a ton of customization options, so you can find just the right truck for you. We can also help you navigate the process of custom-ordering your perfect F-150 and understand what all the options mean. Our experienced sales staff understands all the available options, including trims, fabric choices, colors, tech and safety features, and so much more. Navigating all these choices on your own can be a lot to keep straight without missing anything, but with our team there to ensure you get everything you want, the process will be exciting and fun.

The Ford F-150 comes in a wide range of trim models, from basic work appointments to off-roading gear to luxury selections. If you are looking for high performance, an F-150 Raptor may be more your speed, or get the F-150 Lightning for a capable truck with a fully electric powertrain. If you have a concrete idea of which trim option is your preference, we can help you build out that custom Ford F-150 order to your exact specifications. If you don’t really understand the different trims or don’t know which is the right choice for your needs, we can help you there too.

Navigating all the paperwork, loan applications, and doing all the research on your own is a hassle for anyone. We understand these processes inside and out since it is our job. Let us help you with the process to make it as painless as possible. We are here to help you navigate all of your options. For example, you might not realize upon first glance that you can save some money by going for a lower trim and adding packages rather than opting for a higher trim that has the features you want standard. We know how to get a custom F-150 without jumping through hoops, and we also understand what it takes to get a good interest rate on an auto loan.

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