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Folks in Lansing know the value of having a reliable and affordable vehicle. This is why so many drivers in the area have made Pauli Ford their Lansing Ford dealer. Whether you are looking to drive a used Ford F-150 pickup truck or want a brand-new Ford Mustang Mach-E, we are the only dealership you should consider when it comes to buying your next Ford.

We work hard for the people in Lansing, and it shows in our reputation. Folks know that when they visit our dealership, they will get top-notch service from a friendly staff, no matter your automotive needs. This is the difference being a family-owned and operated dealership makes. When you come here, you will get the family-friendly environment that only a Ford dealership like ours can give you. Our dedicated team has been here for our customers since 1984.

A couple is shown speaking to salesman about their new car at a Lansing Ford dealer.

This commitment to our customers carries over to the greater Lansing community. We sponsor many charitable events, fundraisers, and organizations throughout Lansing, as we are always looking to give back to the capital of the great state of Michigan. At Pauli Ford, we realize we wouldn't be where we are without the people of Lansing, and we are committed to making this a great place to live and a wonderful spot for folks who know the value of a great Ford car.

Amazing New Ford Models

One of the best ways to enjoy everything Ford has to offer is with a new Ford vehicle, fresh from the factory to your driveway. With a new Ford, you get to enjoy the latest features and options, including powerful engines and performance, that are designed to put a smile on your face. A new Ford truck, for example, can define the payload and towing capacity standards that every other pickup on the market struggles to keep up with. A new Ford SUV ensures a stylish ride with plenty of room for friends and family to come along, plus cargo space and functionality to meet all your needs.

Perhaps best of all, a new Ford model also gives you the latest technology and features that Ford's designers and engineers have been working on. This means you get innovative software and infotainment tech, including large displays that look stunning and make it easy to keep an eye on everything you need to know while driving around Lansing. You also get the latest driver assistance technologies to help keep you and your passengers safer on the road. All this, plus options like incredible hands-free driving innovations, ensures you have a great time when you hit the road in your new Ford.

The Ford Mustang

Legendary American muscle, the Ford Mustang is one of the finest pieces of machinery on the road and the ultimate example of a performance-first pony car. With the Mustang, you get a sports car resulting from a legacy of more than 60 years. This is part of a proud tradition of power and prestige that few other vehicles on the road can hope to live up to. Plus, it happens to be a powerful car that is remarkably fun to drive, bringing together a beautiful combination of style, power, and precision.

The Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport

If you are interested in an SUV to take you on your next outdoor adventure or hit the trail, you cannot beat the Ford Bronco. We waited a long time to see this model return, and when it did, it did not disappoint. The Bronco is an incredible SUV for going off-road and handling anything a challenging trail can throw at you. Features like removable tops, removable doors, and four-wheel drive make the Bronco unbeatable for heading outside and having fun. Plus, the Bronco is joined by a subcompact Bronco Sport that gives you impressive off-road performance in a smaller size that is perfect for many Lansing drivers.

A white 2022 Ford Bronco Outer Banks is shown parked near a person in a tent.

The Ford Explorer

For a larger SUV that is perfect for a growing family, the Ford Explorer is a great place to start since it gives you a spacious interior and plenty of seating. Though not quite as large as a full-size SUV, the Explorer still has three rows of seats, so you can fit all your passengers in and hit the road. You also get a tremendous amount of cargo space in the Explorer, making it easy to load up with camping supplies or anything else you need to bring along with you. Add in available towing capability and powerful engine options, and you have a terrific SUV that is an excellent choice for many families.

The Ford Expedition

If you need something even larger than the Explorer, then the full-size Ford Expedition is the SUV for you. The Expedition also has three rows of seating for seven or eight passengers, depending on your configuration. Along with all the room for passengers and cargo, you get incredibly comfortable seats, advanced technology throughout the cabin, and terrific safety features to ensure you and your loved ones are protected on the road. This SUV is for those who want a large, powerful vehicle, making it a great choice for Lansing families.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E

While not everyone is ready for the auto industry's all-electric future, if you are interested, you need to check out the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This model's power and bold engineering perfectly live up to the Mustang's name and reputation, proving that Ford will continue to make innovative and exciting vehicles for a long time. With a great all-electric range, you can do your daily driving, enjoy your weekend away, and even go on a long road trip without ever stopping at another gas pump.

The Ford Maverick

As one of the most exciting options in the modern Ford lineup, the Maverick is a compact truck, something we had not seen in a while from Ford. The Maverick still has all of the power and rugged engineering you would expect in a Ford, giving you a compact pickup that will keep working as hard as you do. This is a great choice if you are looking for a truck that easily fits into a downsized lifestyle, has an impressive fuel economy, and has a sleek design that has generated a lot of excitement.

The Ford Ranger

With the midsize Ford Ranger, you get the perfect truck if you want a workhorse that can also help you have a lot of fun on the weekend. While not as powerful as Ford's full-size legend, the Ranger can still get plenty of work done with impressive payload and towing capacities. Best of all, the Ranger is one of the most capable midsize trucks on the market for going off-road, giving you an adventurous beast ready to take you to your favorite trailhead and beyond.

The Ford F-150

If you need the kind of power and capability from a full-size truck that only Ford can deliver, then look no further than the F-150. Part of Ford's iconic F-Series, the F-150 is a light-duty model that is big on muscle and incredible performance, delivering award-winning capabilities and reliability year after year. Plus, the modern F-150 has incredible tech features and other available options that can elevate your daily drive and make doing your job even easier. If you need more power, then take a look at the Heavy-Duty models like the F-250 and F-350, which give you robust capability and unbeatable Ford engineering.

A red 2024 Ford F-150 Platinum is shown towing a boat near water.

Check Out Our Diverse Inventory of Used Fords

Ford makes some of the finest vehicles on the road, which means they are designed to last a long time and deliver reliable performance year after year. This makes a used Ford vehicle an excellent choice if you are looking to skip out on the initial depreciation often found with a new vehicle. Since Ford models are so well regarded for dependability and long-term use, a used Ford that has been properly cared for is a great choice for a vehicle you can count on. This also saves you quite a bit of money, and we can all appreciate going easier on our budget from time to time, especially with a major purchase.

You gain access to an incredible selection of vehicles when you look at pre-owned Ford models since you get those trucks and SUVs available right now, along with some vehicles that have been recently discontinued. The Ford lineup changes pretty regularly as some models go out of fashion or make way for something new and exciting. When you look at used Ford options, you will find a wide range of vehicles—far more than you can choose from when shopping the current-year lineup. This is one of the reasons we love offering used Ford models so that our customers can keep a fantastic vehicle on the road longer and enjoy everything it offers.

Come Here to Keep Up With Necessary Maintenance

The key to a vehicle's long life is proper maintenance. This is true for any vehicle you invest in. Your vehicle uses oil to keep all the moving parts lubricated and in proper working order. That engine oil also keeps all those moving parts cool. The oil filter then traps any minute bits of metal that may come off during engine function. However, the engine heat breaks down the oil's viscosity over time, and the filter clogs up. Bringing your vehicle to our Ford service center regularly will allow our team of trained technicians to do an oil and filter change on your vehicle. This will keep your engine in top working order.

Another part of maintenance involves your Ford's tires. Making turns and braking can cause wear and tear on your tires. However, tires do not wear evenly, especially for front-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles. This is why it is necessary to rotate your tires routinely, just like changing your oil. Our Ford service center can also help you with this routine maintenance work.

Our team will always inspect your vehicle as part of our routine maintenance at Pauli Ford. We utilize cutting-edge diagnostic technologies so we can spot a problem before it creates an issue for you. All of this work is vital to ensure your Ford stays in top-performing order. Many times, a simple, routine service will help you avoid larger issues down the road. And a repair that might seem minor now will keep you from having a bigger problem on the road.

Serving Lansing Drivers for Over 40 Years

With over 40 years of serving drivers across Michigan, we have established ourselves as one of the leading auto dealers in the area. Throughout this time, Pauli Ford has always been family-owned and operated, so you know you are getting the quality service and attention to detail that you need when buying a new or used Ford vehicle. When you arrive, you will be greeted by a member of our friendly sales team. This salesperson will take the time to get to know you, find out what you are looking for in your next Ford, and answer all your questions. You will truly feel like one of the Pauli Ford family members.

If you need to finance your next Ford, our auto financing team will work with you to find a loan or lease deal that fits your budget with competitive terms so you have peace of mind that you are getting the best deal possible. This dedication to getting you the best deal helps us stand out.

Our focus on customer service has led to our dealership's goal of delivering the highest-quality customer service in the business. We are not content unless we know that you and every other driver who comes to our dealership are fully satisfied with the service we provide, regardless of whether you are buying your next Ford, getting your current vehicle repaired, or just stopping by to see what is new with Ford.

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