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Buying a used truck can be an excellent choice for many reasons—the foremost of which are saving money, securing a top-tiered model, and avoiding the steep devaluation of a new vehicle, which retroactively belittles the cost of your initial investment. Not only these, but you get more time to research and determine which used truck is best for you. If you're looking for a used truck dealer near Lansing, Pauli Ford can help you find what you need.

Whether you need a truck to get you to work and back, to use at work, or to head out for some fun on the weekend, our team can provide the support you need to find your next truck. We are a family-owned and operated dealership with almost 40 years invested in our community, providing drivers with reliable vehicles and dynamic service before, during, and after the sale. Pauli Ford can help those in Lansing find a great used truck and feel confident and safe with their purchase for years to come.

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Find Your Next Used Truck at Pauli Ford

There are many benefits to buying a used truck, and your rationale for wanting a truck can be just as varied. In today's auto industry, trucks are making a comeback, offering more options and amenities than ever before as their manufacturers focus on drivers who see their trucks as their everyday vehicles. This means new safety features to keep you and the family safe while driving, advanced technology for both connectivity and driver assistance, and trailering packages that help you hook up your trailer in a few simple steps and glide down the road with ease. Some options leading the pack in this truck resurgence include...

A silver 2019 Chevy Silverado is shown parked on a city street.

The Chevy Silverado 1500

The Chevy Silverado 1500 is a great choice for a used truck, being a great blend of speed, dependability, and flexibility. With multiple engine options, buyers can choose the one that best fits their pace and mileage needs. Thanks to its performance and power, the Silverado 1500 is excellent at towing for fun or work, making it a good choice for drivers who need a truck that can do it all.

The Silverado 1500 is also known for being flexible, with a range of cab configurations and bed lengths to meet different needs. Plus, its roomy interior, comfort amenities, and technology have improved in recent years, making for an overall pleasant driving experience. These advanced infotainment systems, connectivity options, and driver assistance tools have increased drivers' trust in the Bowtie brand to keep them and their passengers safe and entertained, whether they're heading into the city or taking a lengthy road trip.

The truck's strong aftermarket community is a plus because it offers various parts and accessories that can be changed to suit individual tastes or specific uses. Also, the Silverado 1500 tends to keep its value better than some competitors, which is great if you plan to resell it later.

The Ford F-150

The Ford Motor Company has been making the F-150 for years, and this workhorse has been the best-selling vehicle in the United States for almost half a century. It continues to be a popular choice for both new and used vehicles thanks to its reliability, performance, and flexibility. Over the years, the F-150 has changed in appearance and styling, but it continues to be a rugged truck with a bold design and a strong frame.

Like the Chevy Silverado 1500, the Ford F-150 can also be found with varied engine options, bed lengths, and cab configurations, making finding the right one even more accessible. The F-150 can easily do whatever task you put in front of it, from hauling large equipment for work to unloading and loading landscape materials for the backyard. Its versatility makes it an excellent option for a variety of drivers—and not only is the F-150 functional and dependable, but it has become a sign of American car engineering and a mainstay of the truck market.

In addition to its great towing and hauling abilities, you can find a used F-150 with the latest advancements in safety, connectivity, and technology, offering you confidence throughout the drive. Also, Ford has developed several off-road and performance packages that can be found on used trucks, giving you more value for your purchase. Another benefit is that used F-150 models tend to have a more stable resale value, meaning you can keep a big chunk of your initial investment should you decide to trade it in after a few years.

The Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is a midsize pickup truck that presents another great option when shopping for a used truck. Since its introduction in the early 2000s, the Ridgeline has undergone several updates and improvements that have solidified its place in the pickup market.

One look at the Honda Ridgeline shows that it differs from other trucks because it has a unibody design instead of the standard body-on-frame design. Because of this, the Ridgeline rides and handles more like a car, making driving easier and more comfortable. It also adds to the Ridgeline's unique interior space, making the cabin roomy for you and your passengers. In addition, the Ridgeline's bed offers storage amenities that busy drivers on the go will enjoy, as well as a tailgate that can swing open or lower like a traditional tailgate.

The Ridgeline's engine and performance provide enough power to get where you're going and save money at the pumps, making it a good option for commuting around Lansing. With Honda's reputation for high-quality materials, advanced technology features, and a focus on safety, the Ridgeline is a top contender in the used truck market.

A black 2020 Honda Ridgeline is shown parked near a restaurant.

Find Great Financing at Pauli Ford

Need help with financing? At Pauli Ford, we help Lansing drivers get the vehicle they need while staying within their budget. We know times are tough, but you still need a reliable vehicle to help you through the day. Our finance team works closely with you to understand your needs and find the best possible options. You can easily start the finance process here online and access our payment calculator to help you determine a potential down payment.

We provide a number of payment methods for securing your used truck, and we implore you to work with our team to find a loan with terms and rates that fit your budget. When determining your budget, it's crucial to include things like gas, insurance, and maintenance to ensure the deal you make works for the long run. If you have questions or concerns about the financing process, our team will happily review those with you to ensure you get what you need.

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