FordPass Overview

October 7th, 2019 by

We live in a world that revolves around being connected. We want to turn on the lights with our phone. We want to be able to listen to our favorite song with a voice command. We live in a”there’s an app for that” world. Now for the first time there is an app that connects your phone to your favorite Ford vehicles. I am proud to introduce you to FordPass.

FordPass was introduced about 2 model years ago but has become widespread among new Ford vehicles in the 2019 model year. Three things need to happen to make this great program work. The first thing you need to do is install the FordPass app on your smartphone. Then you need a Ford vehicle such as the, 2019 Ford Explorer, or Ford F150, that has been equipped with the integrated modem. The last step is to follow the onscreen directions to connect the FordPass app to the new Ford vehicle.

FordPass has many features that take car ownership to the next level. After FordPass has been installed and you will have control of certain features of your Ford vehicle from your phone. You can remote start your 2019 Ford F150, you can lock and unlock the doors of your 2020 Ford Escape, and even check the fluid levels of your 2020 Ford Fusion. That means that if your daughter is in Dewitt and locks the keys on the 2019 Ford Fusion and you are in St. Johns, you can unlock the doors with the FordPass app.

Do you have trouble remembering when you need to do an oil change on your 2019 Ford Ecosport? FordPass can help. With FordPass you can get a vehicle health report, get the service history, or schedule an oil change for your 2020 Ford Explorer. FordPass makes scheduling easy.

As much as we like to plan the events of our life, there are always going to be the unexpected things that happen. We hope that your new Ford never leaves you on the side of the road, however if it does FordPass is there to help. With FordPass you can request a tow truck to get you back to Pauli Ford to get your 2019 Ford Escape fixed. If you run out of fuel or have a flat tire, FordPass is there to help with the push of a button. An added benefit is that you can track help in real time with the FordPass app.

With FordPass you can now earn and redeem reward points. Ford is giving thousands of points to people that buy a new Ford vehicle. You can also earn points by having service performed at Pauli Ford, and then when you have enough points you can trade those points for free oil changes or accessories for your 2019 Ford F150.

You get all of these features and you can all make vehicle payments to Ford Credit, locate your vehicle when you get out of the MSU football game with vehicle locator, and use Amazon In-Car Delivery if its available in our area. All of these great features come at no added cost to you. Ford is taking vehicle ownership to a whole new level and Pauli Ford is inviting you to join along. If you are in the market for a new Ford vehicle we would love to help. Give us a call.

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